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10 and 2.5 gallon tanks for sale with embellishments

Carla Lowery

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2 fish tanks for sale + 2 female Betas.  

1.) 10 gallon Top Fin glass tank, Aquarium Starter Kit.  This tank comes with a 50-watt heater, Thermometer, Hood with convenient feeding door, Bright white LED, 4” nylon net, Top Fin PF-S Silenstream Filter Cartridges and a Top Fin Silenstream PF-10 Power box Filter.   I’ve owned this since mid March 2020. It’s in good condition.  

2.). 2.5 gallon Top Fin plastic tank.  This tank comes with a Filter that takes Top Fin Element Filter cartridges EF-S, and a CH50 Compact Heater,  50 watts, also a  LED bright light with adapter to change it to fading colored  lights too.  Beautiful.  I’ve owned this since February 2020.  

I will throw in (3) extra EF-S cartridge filters and (4) PF-S Silenstream filter Cartridges. Plus all Stability, Betta water conditioner, QuickStart and decorations.  I also have 4 glass fish bowls

I am asking $70 for all. 
Please Contact me here so call and leave a message at 360.999.3312

Thank You,







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