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WTS Red Sea SMax 650 complete system Parting out

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Moving and can't take the tank with us. 

Located in Vancouver, Wa

Red sea Max S 650 150gal all in one reef tank w/ screen cover. -400.00 (SOLD)
(4) AI Hydra 26HD LED lights 600.00 (SOLD)
Ink Bird temp controller- 20.00
Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer-150
Emperor Aquatics 25w UV Sterilizer( older white model- Bulb and sleeve replaced in March) - 50.00(SOLD)
MP40 with extra wetside   Works and looks great -200 (SOLD)
Gyre300 -200.00
Spectrapure 90 RO/DI unit w/ replacement media -100.00

Carbondoser Electronic CO2 regulator with CO2 tank + Pinpoint PH controller + Korallin Calcium reactor- 500.00(SOLD)

Live stock consists of:
Super Male Pintail Wrasse-SOLD
Magnificent Foxface 5" - SOLD
Niger Trigger 4" -25.00
1 male and 3 female Anthias'- SOLD
Tomini Tang 5" - 40.00
200-300lbs of live rock-Pending
SPS and LPS corals - Varies
Mushrooms, Acans, ZOA's - Varies

In full disclosure the tank is scratched up, hence the super low price. It's harder to see when the glass is clean and the lights are on.







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