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SPS frag pack (breaking it up)

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I seem to be getting more interest in indiviual frags, so I will be listing each piece with its own price.  PM me for fastest response.....


Jason Fox Razzmatazz  $75



WWC Afterparty  $100  SOLD



ARC Fireworks. $75   SOLD



RR Grape Juice  $40  SOLD



RMF Jared’s Strazzleberry  $60



 BC Battlejuice  $40  SOLD



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RP Blueberry Limeade  $40


TSA Princess Peach  $75  SOLD


Gonzo’s Blueberry Diesel  $60


Jason Fox Green Goblin Anacropora  $20


ARC Burning Bush  $125


Uchin’s Miyagi Tort  $60



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  • J-Dog changed the title to SPS frag pack 4 sale (price drop)
  • J-Dog changed the title to SPS frag pack (breaking it up)

Breaking up the pack.  Prices listed.....I can cut multiples of a few pieces.  I also have additional pieces I can cut to order.  If interested, shoot me a PM

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2 hours ago, Manny Tavan said:

what's the RMF Jared’s Strazzleberry? Can't find any references of it, or colony picture

It’s a nice red piece with yellow/gold accents.  I think Jared lost his colony a while back.  Here’s a colony pic for reference.  It’s hard to see how much color it actually has because it’s so hairy....



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