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Nuvo Fusion 30gallon long tank, skimmer, ATO, AI primes

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IM NUVO FUSION 30L (30 gallon, long) tank + steel/wood stand and adjustable feet

  • Tank is AIO and in perfect shape, other than a couple small scratches
  • Includes cover, upgraded Skimz Quiet Pro DC adjustable pump, heater, 3 filter socks, and nano flipper

Tank/stand - $250

Tunze 9004 Comline Skimmer - $70 (missing silencer, but I don't notice a difference in sound)

Tunze Nano Osmolator ATO - $50

AI Prime, non-HD,  lights with arms (2) - $100 each, $170 for the pair


I've been using the tank in my office and upgrading to a 65g (shout out to Cuttlefish!!!!). I'm setting up the new tank tomorrow, but the 30L won't be ready to pick up until I get everything transferred over in the next couple days. Not interested in trades, trying to recoup some of the upgrade costs ** 

Location - Lake Oswego


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      My Corals 
      1 Large GSP Green Star Polyps ---all covered on live rock  --$50 
      1 Small GSP vertical is $15
      Fava Purple and red Encrusting Coral----$30
      Blonde Blue eyed [language filter]--there is 3 heads --$25
      Rastas ---$25
      Three head blue zoanthid with yellow rim ---$30
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      Hello i'm breaking down my tank and selling everything. All coral must go first. My timeline to get rid of the coral is preferably 2 weeks. Once all the coral is gone I will be breaking down the tank and cleaning it and all items will be going up on here for sale. 
      If you are interested please leave me a comment or send me your contact info to my DM and i will reply.  I will be checking back throughout the day.

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      Armageddon Zoanthids ---- one large colony on a live rock for -- $50 
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      Blonde Blue eyed [language filter]--there is like 3 heads --$25
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      Fruit Lop Zoanthids 3 inch round frag plate--$30
      Utter Chaos Zoanthids ----Sold
      Three head blue zoanthid with yellow rim ---$50
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    • By H20cooled
      Selling off my used SCA starfire 66 Gallon reef tank setup. This tank is used, it has some scratches on the inside of the tank and the outside but the tank is very solid and sound. The stand is one that I built, it was build extra long and has room under it for a large sump and an  equipment/electrical area on the end of it. It is not in perfect condition and could use a touch up on paint but it is not damage or broken. 
      The bottom of the tank has a starboard attached to it. the background of the tank is black, the overflow box is a newer acrylic with a cover. Plumbing is all included for sump with valves.
      The measurements on the tank/stand are:
      Tank: 32 Long x 24 Wide x 20 Tall
      Stand: 50 1/2 Long x 30 1/4 Wide x 36 1/2 Tall.
      SOLD This is for LOCAL Pickup ONLY! 

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      Hello everyone, I'm back in Portland for a couple weeks and still have some equipment left from my tank break down that I'd like to get rid of. Below are some equipment I still have left and would like to get rid of, price is negotiable. Text/call me at (832)273-5595 if you are interested or need additional pictures. 

      12/5/2017  OLD
      Hello everyone, 
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      Overview of my setup:

    • By Dakotapi3rc3
      Hi All,
      I recently came across a great deal  on a 40b that had tons of equipment, and i didn't realize it had so many extras either. Here is a list i'll keep working on throughout the day of parts and livestock that won't be making the transfer to my tank. I'll be working on cleaning everything out today/this weekend.
      I'm trying to price things at about half of retail, no reasonable offers refused.
      -ATI sunpower 36" t5 dimmable fixture. comes with additional bulbs. This one has more blues. $200
      - Kessil H80 $75
      There is tons more stuff, in chems and handheld equipment, and other items. If you're looking for anything specific I would be happy to take a look.
      Thanks all!


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