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4' 120g, 40 breeder sump, pumps, live rock, etc.

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I kept telling myself i was gonna set this back up, but the floors in my new apartment just dont comfortably support it. I love this tank, the overflow is a nice design that actually rarely needed adjustment, significantly less than my current RS E170 that im running a sump on. The stand is an MDF stand that i reinforced because i wasnt confident in it holding the tank, it held fine for the 9 months i had it up, but i had plans of replacing it. Would prefer it goes with the tank since i have no way to dispose of it if not. The tank is in pretty good shape, has a few scratches, most of which could be buffed out, but most are not noticeable when full. Would like to get $200 for the tank, stand, and plumbing. Its pretty much clean, will be wiped down and cleaned fully before its picked up.20210106_104648.thumb.jpg.7583f62e8ec28cf7fd93aa7af6bb7201.jpg

Ive also got a 40g breeder sump. It worked great for me. Has quite a few divided chambers to run a fuge, various equipment, etc. Looking to get $100 for this. Cleaned and ready to goIMG_20200121_132438180.jpg.9a412e06031e59a9c58b692a7eb072de.thumb.jpg.9788e9194924da3e1da5409dee5c74f8.jpg

Hydor Seltz D 2400gph DC return pump. Never ran above 50%. Cleaned and ready to go. $100obo


2 Jebao OW-50's. Both ran for a few months at 50% or less. Cleaned and ready to go. $45 each, or $80 for both. 20210106_113258.thumb.jpg.00a2f47888154cac92f071cad6aeb1c2.jpg

Ive also got around 150lbs of live rock. Been underwater for roughly 2 years. $2-3/lb

I may also have some other equipment i track down and add.

Located in Lake Oswego, can meet at cuttlefish.


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