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My reef resolutions for 2021

Manny Tavan

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1. Do more water changes

2. Do less water changes

3. Stop freaking out everytime I see a shrimp molt

4. Buy more corals

5. Sell more corals

6. Stop believing my fish think of me when I’m at work and thinking of them

7. Keep my hands out of the tank (and other parts of my body)

8. Spend less time on R2R.com and more time on P-hub.com like normal men

9. Grow more corals the size of my head


What’s yours?



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I’ve never seen this site.   Just checked it out and they have some great looking stuff there.  I see why you would want to spend more time there, but why only men.  The furniture they have looks comfortable for all people.  

i highly encourage all of you to check it out:



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1. Learn how to ship corals(so I can flip your holy grail torch on R2R for double shh don’t tell anyone).

2. More baby talk to my corals, it makes them grow faster, it’s proven science.

3.  Name my own coral, price it way to high, and buy a new car with it.  (I have some made up names and extra high price corals if interested).

4. go to a frag trade if 2021 allows one

5.  Stare at my wife more than my tank(she sponsors this message).

6.  Buy less grow more




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2 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

My goal is too launch reefcrash.com

Dedicated to lost coral and fish. You post what happened and the moderators will calculate what you could have spent your money on to get an equal amount of satiafaction.


Spoiler alert... its always hookers and blow. 

That’s genius. We could charge $20/wake up call

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