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Any clown breeders input???

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Ive a pair of clowns that have been quite busy. The female has been laying eggs about every 14 days and has been for the last few months. Im not in a position to set up a "clown breeding" system but also dont want to just watch the larvae waste away if I can help it. Ive noticed about 50-100 larvae darting around my overflow box which is 48x12x8-so they have room to move around.

I add this to my tank regularly 



and suspect they are eating the algae as from what I can tell is that's what they feed on until the "next stage" of life or after they go through the metamorphosis.


Can anyone tell me what type of food I should look for while they "transition" through different stages?  

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TDO is what I use. I think Bulk Reef Supply has a food package that has the food from powder ( A ) up to large. You can introduce TDO A at about day 4 or 5. Gonna be hard to keep them fed not being in there own tank. A simple 10 gallon with a bubble from an air line and your golden.. best to have rotifers ready from hatch tho. And all rotifers need is air and 5 gallon bucket,feed em phyto. I hope thats some help and not just rambling.. 


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Overlap foods very important . From day 1-10 they eat marine rotifers and require green water to feed the rotifers. Day 3-14 baby brine shrimp no more than 2 days old.  Some species can eat baby brine earlier some species later. Tdo A can be fed at day 3, and as the clowns grow the food gets bigger. By meta they normally day 14 they can get b2 tdo. 

The clowns won't survive in a Aquarium with any filters. Tank needs to be black outed and have two air stones and a heater only. Or you can do it in a 5 gallon bucket as well. 

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Thank you for the information/help. I can't find anything on "TDO" but I'll dig a little deeper than a few google searches.


What larvae I have are in my overflow box that's roughly 4 feet long and holds about 16 gallons. Its only them in there. Maybe I get lucky and find the TDO stuff and some rotifers locally.


I'm not feeling overly optimistic but it's worth a shot, I think I mentioned not having the ability to take on all that's been outlined.


Thanks again for the help/time posting

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Circling back on this.


I picked up the TDO A thru C and have been feeding the fish (they still look like larvae to me) but I try to feed in the am and at night when I get home. Im going to start marking my calendar to help trace the females egg laying pattern since its become a ritual for her to throw eggs. I just started this and last time she laid eggs Feb 23rd , they've all hatched as of 3 days ago or so and I can tell she's ready to lay them again, my guess is tonight or tomorrow.

This has been going on for some time and my overflow box ( which is about 13+ gallons 48"*8"*8") which Ive got rocks and things for them to hide) I'm guessing has a few hundred "babies" in varying stages of life so I add the algae paste, A and B+ at this time to accommodate the varying stages and requirements.


I have no idea if this is right but the numbers keep increasing as do their size so something must be to some degree.


I cant find much on when they will actually look like a fish LOL and not a tadpole. Ive read about the morph but if I read that right that happens around day 10 to 14 ( I could be off on timing, its been awhile since I read that) but I cant seem to find when they will get what a call a tail fin.


I'll try to capture some pics later if I can get the camera settings right..

At some point when they are bigger, my only option to get them into an adjoined tank 25 gallons (44*22*8) is to siphon them from the overflow box tot the tank that once housed frags. Its probably going to be a rough water slide ride even but that's all I can do.



Blah blah blah- somewhere in the above ramblings are a question or two I think :huh:



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