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Best T5 color supplement?


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Hi all, 

I was fortunate enough to get a supplemental T5 kit to go with my reef for Christmas, I currently have. A 300w mars aqua LED and I was wondering what bulbs would bring the most color to my tank for coral with the LED supplement, the catch is because it's a DIY kit there's only room for 2 bulbs.

I was thinking an actinic and coral plus? I have a lot of montis/sps and am certain this tank will transition to a predominantly acro dominated one.

Recent tank shot for an idea...


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That's probably the combo I would go with also with only two bulbs to supplement.  You could then use your blue leds to choose the color you prefer.  When I used my 4 bulb T5 hybrid with a XR30 Radion, I liked to use more white T5's and the blue channels of the Radion to balance it out.  I couldn't really dial in the color that I liked when I had to use the white leds to balance out the blue T5 bulbs although your fixture may be different .  Now that I'm using a metal halide bulb, I am using blue plus and actinic bulbs to balance out the whiter halide bulb. I would suggest you buy a blue plus, coral plus and an actinic and then you can find the combo that you like.

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2x coral plus turn the white leds off and crank the blues till you get to color of tank you want.  Quality of white leds in most fixtures is trash and adding the narrow spectrum of green and red leds to compensate is a joke.  Use the t5s for your “full spectrum” coverage and add in blue with leds will give you a much more visually appealing result than anything else.

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