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More items to sell!


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I still have a number of items that need to sell. If you are interested please let me know.

  1. Brightwell Aquatics Coral Amino, 2 bottles not expired but open both pretty full. SOLD
  2. PE Pellets fish food, Coral Frenzy, reef chili, and more. SOLD
  3. Salifert Flatworm eXit, DR. G's coral dip, F-Aiptasia killer. SOLD
  4. Mag Rack Pro frag rack SOLD
  5. Frag tool. SOLD
  6. IM Auqa Gadget Custom Cradle XL probe holder. SOLD
  7. Cobalt Aquatics MJ1200 powerhead. $25
  8. Marineland 1200 powerhead. $15
  9. Hanna Instruments DKH Tester with extra solution. SOLD
  10. Hanna Instruments low range Phosphate checker with extra solution (HI713). SOLD
  11. BRS Universal Co2 scrubber. SOLD
  12. Soda Lime for Co2 scubber, 21.5 lbs. SOLD
  13. BRS Dual media reactor. $45
  14. Trigger System 5 Gallon Top off reservoir. SOLD
  15. Skimz DLC4 1.5L dosing reservoir. SOLD


Everything is OBO, I'm in Milwaukie area.
















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