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What is your quarantine method?


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Quarantine question here. Not looking to debate doing a QT or not, just looking for advice from those that do QT.
My tank is cycled and I'm ready to buy the first fish. I had a tank 10 years ago and never quarantined fish. But seems like diseases are more prevalent these days? I want to do this well, but the instructions I'm finding on how to quarantine feel SO DAUNTING and super time-consuming. Does it really take 30 days or more to do it well?
I'm curious what your methods are for quarantining fish? Can you outline your practice? I'm talking about small, captive-bred fish from a reputable source (knowing diseases could still get through good sources).
Here are some sources that I'm looking at... thoughts on these procedures? Thank you!
Lastly, I had the idea of passing around a QT setup from the group. Perhaps that's not possible, but thought it might be cool to be able to borrow or rent a 10 or 20g tank with air stone, circulating pump, heater, PVC elbows, maybe a little HOB filter... is that a thing?


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QT is always a good idea,  even from great and trusted shops a fish can be ill and show no symptoms until you get home.  Not a brig problem with the first few fish, but once you get a few hundred dollars in fish and or corals in there it becomes a major concern.

this is my setup, I can pump water from my display system into QT and pump water from the QT to a drain so water changes daily are super easy. 

i normally QT everything for a month, but like most of us...sometimes I’m lazy and like to live dangerously. 

im not quarantining anything right now, so if you want you can house your stuff in there for the 2-4 weeks.  Just let me know.


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I did not QT for the first 12 years in this hobby and then i finally got hit with loosing a tank of fish.  had a 400 gallon tank and some of the fish i had for close to 10 years.  I think that was worse than money spent on the fish.  I lost large mature tangs and a pair of Potters wrasses to name a few.  QT is the only way to go IMO/E.  I will admit i don't follow hummblefish's recommendations exactly but i do keep them in QT for at least 8 weeks.   

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I am following humblefish qt using copper, metroplex, and prazi. Honestly, this is my first time doing a qt process at home.  So far I have the healthiest looking blue tang I've ever owned and 2 clowns, so definitely a small sample size.


Keep in mind that inverts and corals can bring in ich, velvet, etc. I have a 10 gallon qt for inverts and corals in addition to the fish qt tank. 

Check out this link: 


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