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120 acrylic with custom stand and sump FS *SOLD*


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Update- all items are sold. Thanks!


Hey all! 

I'm moving soon and tore down my 120.  Posting the tank, stand and sump for now at $600 obo.

Additional gear from the teardown is potentially available as add-ons for a turnkey system if desired.  Let me know and we'll talk. 

This is a 120 gallon acrylic aquarium made locally by James at Envision Acrylics out of high end 1/2" cast acrylic. Size is 48x24x24 in. Black back with center overflow. The tank was a reef setup for ~10 years.  Drilled for two 1.5 inch drains and several 3/4" and 1" returns. Exterior is in great shape. Interior shows expected wear for acrylic with rub marks and a few minor scratches. 90% will not be visible when wet.  For those that know this was a giveaway at the BBQ at Steve's when Tyree was in town.  I picked it up from the winner some time later still wrapped.

The sump is custom built from 3/8" cast to fit one half of the stand and measures: 22.5x19x23 in. It includes a bubble trap area, return zone and equipment or refuge zone.

The stand is a custom furniture grade cabinet with maple veneer plywood, book matched doors, solid maple trim with solid walnut accents. It is finished with spar urethane and shows minimal wear. Sealed to hold several gallons of water during potential spills. One area around a ventilation fan has some veneer delaminating due to excessive moisture. The hinges show rust from salt water vapor.

Thanks for looking and let me know if any questions. 












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