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[language filter] outta luck?


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Hi, I have a general question for the group. If I buy a coral(usually sps) mail order or from a LFS I get it home in a timely manner and do proper acclimation/dip techniques and I wake to a bone white skeleton, is there any kind of replacememt policy or is a reefer just [language filter] outta luck? I realize this may differ from store to store? Just something to take into consideration

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Yeah, that's a tough one. There's definitely no guarantee for coral longevity. That being said, most online retailers at least have a live arrival guarantee. 

However, I only buy corals from local shops. I've actually never purchased livestock online before. I can't go wrong with the relationships and trust I have with the local shop community. Your relationship with the seller will be the determining factor about what the recourse will be. You may need to provide a water sample to verify your parameters, but a local shop owner could conceivably work to make it right. 

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