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Floor support??


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So I've just been going back and forth on whether I want o set up the 80g system in the living room or (since I got the ok) just play with my 30c and look into a 5-6'x 24-30"× 20-24" DT. So that would put me at around 150-240g in the DT plus a 30-50g sump and perhaps a 10-20g ato rez. Putting the weight at around 2000 to 3500 pounds? Should I put floor supports in the crawl space? Looks like tank will be sitting parallel to the joist which wouldn't support the weight properly? Here are some pics. 





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4 minutes ago, Burningbaal said:

Parallel to the joist is never ideal. I'd consider some cross members to neighboring joists as well

My lat 300g display i put cross members  for extra support. Looks like I will have to do it here as well. Uggggh I was hoping to avoid having to do that. It's the only spot I can put it too other then my garage. 

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2 minutes ago, Blue Z Reef said:

When in doubt, a brace is pretty low cost and easy. I think I used 2x 4x4x8 (or 10...forgetting), 2 pier blocks, a bracket or two just to help things stay put while I placed everything, and some wood shims to snug it up. Definitely a sub $50 venture for piece of mind.

No doubt. I was hoping I wouldn't have to since the crawl space entry is in a closet. Hope I can get some concrete blocks down and drag some 4x4 through it. 

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Like said earlier, it's a pretty cheap process and provides a good deal of piece of mind. Plus, you may even go larger later down the road. I built supports for my 180 and did so in a way that when I upgraded to the 360, I didn't have to do anything else except add a couple more brackets to prevent joist twisting. Can't tell from the photo, but that span looks pretty long. That's a big part of it, span length. 

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