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Toadstool getting a little crowded.


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This tough guy has survived 2 crashes and a couple of moves. I am not sure I have the heart to cut him up but I do feel bad that he is running interference between softie island and the nems and zoas.

 Will he just keep growing till he fills up my 40b?20201203_190913.jpg

What would you all do with him?  

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I love big toadstools. People in this hobby never let stuff get huge like that much anymore! It all depends on what you want for your tank. I used to have a massive one in my last big tank, really miss having one that big, but I have 2 growing now that are only about 6” across. Here’s a pic of my old beast that peaked at about 18”-20” across or so. Weighed a ton when I lifted it out!



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