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Anniversary sale!

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Can you believe we have been in business for 9 years?! It has been a pleasure helping you all build your aquariums and to help celebrate you all supporting us over the years, it’s time for our anniversary sale!  On December 12th and 13th we will be offering up some more incredible deals!  There will be incredible door busters including $50 Indo gold torch heads, grab bags, livestock specials and more. 

•We will be offering a free pack of LRS with a $100 purchase in store. 
•From 11-2 we will also be having mystery grab bags available at $20 and $40 dollars a bag. These will be available as drive up grabs so you don’t have to even get out of your car. These are always amazing and worth the grab. Some surprises in them will include Scolymias, Indo gold torches, and much more. 
•Any new systems purchased will receive a gift card worth 10% of purchase price for livestock to fill them!   
•We will also be continuing our raffle. Prizes include tanks, frag racks, gift cards and more! 
•Mystery boxes will also be available! We will have 10 available at $100, 5 at $250, 2 at $500, and 1 at $1000 price ranges.  We load these full of incredible corals with your preferences in mind. These can be purchased starting now by emailing Austin at austin@cuttlefishandcorals.com. 
•Finally, we will be offering buy one get one frags in the $10-$40 sections. 
•Starting tomorrow, Thursday, December 3rd, if you bring in food for donations for those less fortunate this season, we will give you a free raffle entry and a $5 gift card! This will run until December 22nd!

Send us messages with any questions and stay tuned for updates on these awesome deals! Come help us ring in the holidays and take advantage of these awesome deals!  We will also have appointments available on Thursday and Friday. Give us a call or email Austin to set one up.


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Congrats on the anniversary!!! You guys run a good place.


Looks like I'm spending my half of the mortgage and Christmas gifts money on coral this year. Tell the significant other that a coral gift is better than a new vacuum?

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Wow has it really been 9 years? Congratulations! That is quite the milestone. It is a really difficult business to get into. I have seen many fish stores come and go but you had a great business plan and model and started small and worked your way up to one of the best stores not just in Portland but after traveling and seeing other stores - one of the best in the country !



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Man - 9 years already?  Congratulations on creating such a prosperous (hopefully) and well-respected business in a very challenging niche.  So glad you and the shop are around to provide the hobby with such awesome livestock, advice and support.  Wish we could help you celebrate with a big in-person bash but guessing you will be seeing a lot of us there individually for this event.  I know those mystery boxes and grab bags are always popular and a killer deal - even without the surprise scoly. 👍

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14 hours ago, half-astronaut said:

I was stoked for this sale, then I left work and found out some a-hole stole my catalytic convertor. 🤬🤬🤬

Bummer!  I heard this is a "think" with some older Prius models that don't have motion sensing alarms.  They even sell theft protection specific for those vehicles.  Crazy.

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21 hours ago, waldoz said:

Any limitations on number of family? 

We will try and be flexible. When there is a line and the shop is packed we will be limited it to 2 people per family. If we aren't at capacity we can let more in. 

We will be doing drive threw grab bags. These are going to be epic. 

A few mystery boxes are still up for grabs. These are a blast. 


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Who’s excited for our anniversary sale this weekend?  We are thrilled to be offering incredible deals to all of you who have been so wonderful to us over the years!  Don’t miss out this weekend on door busters staggered throughout the day over both days, mystery grab bags, killer livestock deals, raffles and more!  We are excited to see you all, but we do ask for your patience this weekend. We will be assisting a lot of you and we will likely have lines.  You can call ahead to put yourself on our list and we will be sure to get to everyone in the order you are placed!  We will be working hard to ensure a safe, smooth flow of shopping traffic. 

For those of you coming for grab bags between 11-2 on Saturday and Sunday, these will be staged outside under a tent.  We can run curbside grab bags for anyone interested.  These will be done outdoors to free up some space in the shop.  

PS!  It’s not too late to grab a mystery box!  

We appreciate all of you and your continued support at Cuttle Fish and Corals. We can’t wait to see you for the event this weekend!

FinalCuttle 12062001392-1.jpg

FinalCuttle 12062001397.jpg

FinalCuttle 12062001400.jpg

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Just to recap in case you missed our other posts.  Tomorrow and Sunday we are running our 9th anniversary sale!  We will be running normal hours with tons of sales.  
* First, the grab bags.  We will have $20 and $40 mystery grab bags. These will be staged outside for drive through and curbside pickup.  You reach into the box and whatever coral you get is yours.  They will all be worth the grab and there will be some great surprises hiding in there as well. 
* We are running BOGO corals all the way from $10-$75 this weekend. We have expanded into the higher price ranges! 
* Raffle tickets will be given out all day for dry goods with multiple winners. 
* It’s not too late to get a mystery box!  We have sold 21 of them so far and are happy to keep putting them together for you all at $100, $250, $500 or $1000. Give us a ring to pre order yours. To clarify, these are separate from the grab bags.
* If you spend $100 tomorrow or Sunday we will also give you a free pack of LRS food until we run out of stock!  
* New tank specials will be run all weekend. 
* We are selling Indo gold torch heads at $50 a head while supplies last. 

Don’t miss out!  We ask that you are patient with us this weekend as we work hard to assist each and every one of you.  We also ask that you keep your group sizes small. We are anticipating some wait times but will work through our wait list just as if we were running a restaurant.  Put your name on the list when you arrive with your phone number and we will call you when it is your turn to come in to the shop so you don’t have to wait in the cold and rain. 

We thank you all and look forward to seeing you this weekend.  Don’t forget these deals will be available both Saturday and Sunday!


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Now that we have had some time to catch our breath, we wanted to give a huge shoutout to every single one of you that came through this weekend.  You showed us a lot of love and we appreciate your business.  We thank you all for being patient with us while we were so very busy.  You all make the hobby great and we are grateful to be able to help you fill up your tanks.  Thanks again from the Cuttle Fish Crew.

FinalCuttle 12112001440.jpg

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