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25 Lagoon is finally up

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After watching this tank cycle with aged rock for 2+ months, I finally upgraded into it from my IM 14 Penninsula.  


Nero 3

Hygger Nano Powerhead

100w Hygger heater

Neptune Apex

Neptune dos dosing All For Reef

Radion XR-30 G4 (overkill)

Sensored ATO (can’t remember the name)

filtration is just carbon and Chemipure with 5g weekly water changes

Sicce 1.0 return

Pics of under cabinet coming, false wall is made, but still organizing.  

Mostly what the pics show is space, I have room for many many frags, so I’m quite bullish on the frags right now, good times.


The last pic is my IM 14 which has been good to me for 9 months.  It will soon be up for sale with my custom made stand.








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Couple pics of the critters tonight, working on my picture skills on an iPhone, it’s not that easy.  JF AzzKrak looking good, Ghost Shrime thanks to Cuddlefish along with a Midas Blenny(he’s kinda an a-hole).  






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6 hours ago, xxkenny90xx said:

Beautiful tank and great photography skills! Do you have a plan for the bubble tip nem once it grows 20x that size? 

Thanks!  My photo skills need a lot of work, there are so many talented people on Instagram, it’s definitely a skill.  The Anemone will hopefully just split, I’m actually upgrading to a 70g that’s sitting in my shop in a year.  Hopefully the anemone will co-operate with my timeline.

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New Blasto addition for the tank, got it from a local fellow reefer that was having trouble with his blastos.  Also my GMK putting out a baby(they grow so slow)



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8 hours ago, Ron said:

Thinking about going with that Hygger powerhead in my 25 lagoon,  what do you think of it?

Do it, the footprint is small but the flow and spread is amazing.  I’m a big fan of that pump, it’s the best bang for your buck you can get in my opinion.

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