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SPS frag pack 4 sale (high end)

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I have a 12 piece SPS frag pack all healed up and ready to go.  Asking $750 for the pack......I will also throw in a freebie of my choice to sweeten the deal.  PM for fastest response.  Frags are listed from left to right.....

Front row

ARC Fireworks

ARC Proximo

CC Firewalker Milli

Wet Thumbs Mother of Pearl


Middle Row

Pearlberry 2.0

ASD Rainbow

RR Grape Juice

PSX Avatar Efflo 


Back Row

RP Radiant Horizon (mini colony)

RP Blueberry Limeade

BC Magic Wand Tenuis

Gonzo’s Blueberry Diesel (mini colony)




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Pack is pending.

For anyone that is interested, I should have lots more SPS available to frag in the next couple of months.  Shoot me a PM if u have any questions or if you’d like to know what’s available.  


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40 minutes ago, jsawyers33 said:

Picked up my pack today.  J-Dog was really nice and had everything all bagged ready to go.  He even had all the bags labeled which really helped me keep track of everything.  Beautiful stuff and I will definitely be back in the future.  Thanks

Thanks for stopping by today, Jason.  It was nice meeting u and I hope u enjoy the pack.  Shoot me a pic when u get a chance 

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