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Problems Downgrading MP60 Firmware (to work with WXM/ESL)

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Has anyone else had this problem, and more importantly - found a solution?

Spent multiple hours today trying to downgrade the firmware on a new MP60 so I can connect it to my WXM/Apex system.  Punch line, Failed.

Followed instructions on echotech site&video.   Used Mobius to downgrade firmware, failed.   But no longer visible on Mobius.  Couldn't find it with Echo Smart Live, couldn't find it with Apex WXM.  Re-Upgraded back to latest firmware with Mobius, by upgrading a legacy device.  Failed to downgrade, re-upgraded, failed to downgrade, re-upgraded.   Tried power cycling between steps.  Tried factor resetting between steps. ... It was a long afternoon.

Unless someone has another idea to try, it's a ticket to Echotech for me.    And I've got another new MP60 arriving tomorrow.   Think I'll wait and submit a ticket for both.

Any Ideas?





Failed downgrading




MP60 before downgrading, and After Re-Updating to latest firmware.




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Downgrading solved.

After much googling, I found a nugget.   (don't ask which article hinted at this - I've lost it)

  • Nugget: Upgrade/downgrade firmware process may be sensitive to Other radio masters (reeflink base unit and WXM module)
  • After unplugging both - SUCCESS.  Twice, just to be sure.

Definition of downgrade success is being able to see in reeflink / EcoSmartLive.  Details pasted below.

Now the catch...   Something is still sensitive here.    After clearing memory (per first step of WXM instructions, Set+Mode -> Mode -> Set), I could no longer find in reeflink.   Thus another round of Upgrading Firmware -> Re-Downgrading firmware.  But that process is now solved.

Connecting to WXM is always a little sensitive.  Can't exactly tell what magic/moment/attempt gets it to show up. but it did.  In the end, I unplugged Reeflink, just in case it's interfering with this as well. 

(WXM -> "Attach" ...)  This is the 9th vortech attached to this WXM.   One more to go.


IMG_8660.jpgimage (2).png



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