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Any shark/ray keepers here?


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Ideally i would like to see these 2 go to ne homes larger than the 8'x5' pond theyre currently housed in. Ive got a captive bred, 18" male epaulette shark. Hes healthy, and fat. Eats frozen like a champ, honestly ive worried about him eating too much a few times. I would keep him, but ive decided i want to get a pair of banded cat sharks and try to breed them. Asking $1100 or best offer for him. I know thats a bit more than theyre going for on live aquaria, but the ones from them are wild caught, and are not readily eating frozen. Can send videos of him eating.20201021_235533.thumb.jpg.a0048757df489eac06354815dcc9a84c.jpg20201018_212618.thumb.jpg.f1dbd6cdb2d6dd63b8de5c8acb11afba.jpg20201017_235223.thumb.jpg.15d007cfdc1aa6a105e369513543f1fb.jpg

Ive also got a fully grown male, black Hallers stingray. This one was wild caught. But eats everything i drop in for him. Asking $200 or best offer for him. Id let them go together for $1200. Photos are from a 120g holding tank i had them in while i setup the pond. Will update with current photos this evening.


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1 hour ago, Sharklover said:

Alive just not online very often. Sorry that I missed this post. 🤷🏻‍♂️


1 minute ago, albertareef said:

Hey Chris!  Good to "see" you man.  This post made me think of you 😀  Going to shoot you a PM about an unrelated issue so keep an eye out.

Actually, looks like you can't receive messages so maybe your inbox is full?

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