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Protein skimmers


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I’m thinking of upgrading my protein skimmer on my new tank. What’s everybody running, especially those of you in the over 130 gallon category? Anyone running lifereef or recirculating type?

And by thinking, that means I am incessantly searching on the Internet because I need one right now…

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I guess that really depends on what features you’re looking for/your budget. 
It is worth noting that skimming is really dependent on your bioload and how much you feed, and overskimming can be an issue for corals and trace elements in your reef.

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I’ve ran just about every skimmer brand on the market.

Recently I ran the nyos 220 and the reef octopus 200 elite on my reefer 525. Both are excellent skimmers. 

reef octopus was the best of the 2 as far as price, quality, performance and extras.... they were both dead silent.

I loved the nyos220 but it was a little tricky to service. The elite 200 has a built in float switch which worked flawlessly. It also pulled the most skimmate comparatively. 

nothing compares to my old school euroreef rs250 with eheim 1262 though... it’s a beast but I wouldn’t run it in my living room. It’s loud, uses 2x the electricity and won’t fit under most stands.



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I'm more of the belief it's the pump that's the difference. How many skimmers do you see that are nearly the exact same body style


FWIW I run an SWC come, same as reef octopus same as coral vue


The difference is in the pump. The original pumped died about 4 years ago and I went with the bubble blaster 5000, coupled with my avast swabbie (neck cleaner) 


Never a short answer from me 😜

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