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Hey everyone,

Before I go on a shopping spree online, I was hoping I might be able to track down some nice SPS locally.

This is some of a list I have going, but if it is a tenuis I am usually interested.

1) HW
2) Jolt
3) ARC Master Yoda
4)ARC 2020 Acro
5) Arc Angry Birds

6) RT66 Merlin's Staff


Tapatalk has been messing up on me for a bit, if you want to text me you can: 559-942-8463

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20 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

Good luck with that list.  We are going to start an sps master list on R2R for who has what high end locally.  Im probably a year out from fragging buy currently have 57 named pieces. 

Thanks :)  Yeah I am hoping we can find some stuff local, if not, then I will be shipping some of it in and then growing it out.

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