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I've had this yellow tang for about three years and interested in trading as its a little too aggressive with a copperband I have.  The YT has been fine with large maroon clowns, small fish, dwarf angels, gramma, etc. Open to trade for fish or corals or live rock . Would consider Anthias, mandarin goby, midas blenny, hawkfish, zoas. Open to various options. Don't need any xenia, kenya tree, star polyp. Already have a foxface and clowns so not interested in those. YT is a very healthy fat fish and prefer it go to someone with at least 100 gallons and who's not brand new to the hobby. Will take a lesser trade if its going to a good home. I'll be making a box trap this weekend which has been pretty successful catching it in the past so it may take a few days or a week to catch.  PM me your offers. Will even consider live rock as trade , especially some covered with aiptasia.


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