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Breakdown of my 125g acrylic tank

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Selling mostly everything in my 125g Acrylic peninsula tank. tank has been running for over 2 years. 

Edit: If you want to come over this weekend now is the time just let me know 

Tank and stand 300 obo

Equipment: I'm not sure model types. need to sell live stock before I sell equipment 

Protein skimmer $25

Light (Aqua light system) (1) $150

Return Pump $50

BRS Carbon reactor with media $45

400W Titanium Heater (Aquatop) $25 

Gyre Pump (Ice Cap) $40

Honestly Not sure where to start. Rocks and corals 1st I guess. 

(Elegance Coral is not for sale)

I cant cut any of the corals off the rock, 3 main big rocks in middle of the tank and front and back are small rocks just laying together.

I know I'm missing a few things on the list that I cant think of. 

Text Will @ 97l-8o6-36oo

Live fish: can talk about price some things im not 100% on 

Blue Velvet Damsel free

Chromis x2 free 

Cardinalfish x2 $10

Watchman Goby $15

Blue streak cleaner wrasse $15

Niger Trigger $20

Hawaiian Sailfin tang $30

Black sailfin Blenny $10

Engineer Goby $7

Reef Lobster $15

Pistol Shrimp 

Sally lightfoot crab

Big Unknown hermit crab 

Brittle sea star $10

3 Bubble tip Anemone 

Spiny sea cucumber (green with pink and yellow) $10


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Blue tank & Naso tang not for sale 

I honestly cant remember the type of return pump ill know more when can take it out. sorry thats not much info.

free this weekend if anyone wants to come take a look just text 

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