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ReMag use for the first time


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That’s looks weird to me too...why is it shiny? Haha mine always looked like white gravel not big pebbles. It was so long ago, I don’t recall if it worked well. I had read somewhere it takes a lower pH to dissolve than we typically use for our CaRx. Not sure if that’s true. I’m doing dosing only now and find that BW Magnesion seems to be decently concentrated to get your Mag in line again.

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10 hours ago, Blue Z Reef said:

That’s looks weird to me too...why is it shiny? Haha mine always looked like white gravel not big pebbles.

My pebbles look like someone ran them through some kind of rough tumbler.   As opposed to white chunky gravel.   As for Shiny... I'd just washed them in RO water - they're wet in this photo.

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Feb 2021 update - 1st reactor refill since the original Oct 2020 post.  Summary, I can't tell if the remag is dissolving or not.

  • Emptied the reactor, and picked most of the remag nuggets back out.  (Shiny rocks in pictures)
  • Poured out fresh remag from the original bag used in Oct 2020.  (Dry/chalky rocks in pictures)
  • "maybe" a touch more polished.
  • I'm not sure my Mg levels are being helped.   But, I put the nuggets back on the top of my reactor refill.
  • I run my reactor pH setpoint at 6.5 - but in fairness I don't calibrate it.  So its 6.5 +/-
    • System parameters:  Alk 9-9.5 (9.5 max control setpoint), Ca ~430, Mg ~1350

This is likely the last cycle I will use my old/original K2R reactor.  I've got a larger GEO reactor ready to go.  Waiting until current round of Coral Re-stocking to take off.  (Display tank was swapped last fall, settled in now and starting to restock.) 

Left side - media from the reactor.  Right Side - fresh media from the bag



media from the reactor (shiny)



fresh media from the bag (dry)



Freshly Refilled Reactor




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I have been using it for a few years. It took me a while to get it working as I wanted.

I think your PH is high and is probably melting it too slowly. Reborn seems to melt at a higher ph point vs remag in my experience. I like the coarse ARM with it better but it can work with reborn fine too (ARM melts lower). With reborn I just slowly added more than recommended remag until levels stabilized where I wanted (dosing back up to target each time I added more).

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