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Last efforts to try to dig myself out of the massive hole ive fallen in.


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Im in a tough spot and this is my last efforts to save myself. I have until 10am monday morning to come up with a few thousand to get out of my shop. So come score some deals

Super fire stick pack

Walt disney



Rmf red devil nasuta


Rainbow acans and frag $250 for both mini colonies and frag.

Blue hippo tang $60

One spot foxface $60

Sailfin tang $30

Mated pair of clownfish $50

Rimmed 4' 120g (available once fish are out) $200, includes reinforced mdf stand

40g breeder sump $125

Simplicity dc1600 return pump $60

Coralbox dc500 skimmer $125

Aquamaxx t1 calcium reactor with tank, regulator with solenoid reading 800psi, and feed pump and extra media $225

36" ati powermodule hybrid fixture $800obo

Probably more im forgetting as i type this stressing my mind out. My paypal is open, if you want it, paypal for it please. Ive gotten dozens of messages, but nothing concrete. If you would like to make a donation to try to help me out that would be absolutely amazing, but i dont expect anyone to give me a handout. Shoot me an offer on anything you see and lets get it sold. I can deliver stuff tomorrow afternoon as well.


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Super fire stick pack is sold, foxface is sold, hippo tang is sold, orange acan mini colony is pending, rainbow lobo is pending.

Rainbow acan mini colonies and frag still available. received_720479615208805.thumb.jpeg.cdd1184ef17587b1bb3d040936132711.jpegreceived_358814221828639.thumb.jpeg.a8baab0ff39ccf41b367cc5bed8f212d.jpeg

All of the sps pictured. I wanna sell this in a pack because theyre all not doing great and i dont want to deal with selling so many pieces individually. This stuff got beat up during my move temp swings. Grafted setosa mini colony, ora tri color valida, 500 dollar efflo, starburst monti, grafted monti, original garf frags, a beat tierra del fuego, might be a pc rainbow in there, chilli pepper monti chunk probably a couple more im forgetting. Ill go $130 on this pack.received_651477715482147.thumb.jpeg.cd09799a4abfc65d109844c5e21e8336.jpeg

The zoas up front, the ones on the left are the super cool unique yellow ones that cuttlefish got a couple months ago. $30 for the 2.


This super cool favia for $40 (came out of $75 tank at cnc)


These "rainbow" yumas are available at $5 each, i think theres 5. They used to have alot more orange in the centers, but the move hit em hard. excuse the blue photos. Lights were just about out and that drowns everything out. 

Indo green/ pink tip single head frags, 3 available. $50each, photos coming tomorrow morning. The ones I grabbed tonight didnt save for some reason.

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