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BIG NEWS! We are having another live sale next week on Saturday the 19th at 6pm Pacific time. We are also launching our first online sales on the same day! Check out our website next weekend for additional really nice corals! Don’t miss out next weekend. We are going to have an amazing selection as always. Stay tuned for updates throughout the week!






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25 minutes ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

Yeah.. because everyone knows that spending your saturday evening mashing the refresh button in an attempt to buy corals is straight baller lifestyle. 

A little different format for this live sale :) and it doesn't cost you 10hrs of your day like on R2R lol

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Live Sale Rules:  please read the entire post!

We will show you a coral and give a description.  Each piece has its own number and, in general, we have multiples of each coral unless we specify otherwise.  In order to claim/buy a coral you must say “Sold” along with the number of the coral that we give you.  For example: Sold 37 will claim a piece of that number coral for you to purchase.  We will list back the winners for each piece in the order we receive them on our screen.   Important note: your screen will always show that you were first, but we will have to go by the list that shows up on our screen. We do our best to be fair and give the pieces to whoever shows up for us first.  If we say you won that piece it will be invoiced for your winnings.  Local pickup will be available starting tomorrow (Sunday, September 20th). Shipping is available and costs $20 to anywhere in Oregon and Washington, and $49 anywhere else in the continental United States.   At the end of the sale please send an email to austin@cuttlefishandcorals.com to confirm winnings and to tell me your screen name on youtube.   In your email please send your name, phone number, screen name and corals I have said you have won! Please also let me know if you will be picking up locally or if I will be shipping to you. If I am shipping, please send your address.

Thanks everyone and we hope you have fun.  We enjoy putting these on and want you to get some incredible deals.   We hope for a great sale and if you have any questions during the sale, we will be available to answer as many as possible.  Happy shop

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