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fires and water quality

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I know a lot of us are dealing with fires.. and I have not had any aquariums setup during fire season so I was wondering if there were anything to do/note regarding tanks with all the smoke and fires.

One thing I noticed was that my ph dropped from the ~8 range to mid 7's, I have all my windows closed.. I also noticed a bit of a film so I'm assuming it was due to air quality and probably stagnant air in the house.  I added an airstone which seems to have cleared up the film and ph appears to be slowly getting back to normal but I really don't want to open windows for my own health with air quality so poor.


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Yeah, it was a day my wife and I were home all day.. it felt pretty stuffy so I figured that would be it, but I'm sure letting in 'fresh air' in wouldn't be much better :D

It never really dropped below 7.5 and it's back up to the higher 7's today after the night (it's usually around 8 so it's not a huge swing).. I'm sure there is a lot less oxygen in the air in general and pulling in 'fresh air' from outside to run through the air pump would be detrimental.

I do have a bin outside curing some LR which I promptly covered to keep any ash out.

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Interesting. I've been having a hard time keeping my PH up for about a week now, but I wasn't really connecting those dots. I didn't switch anything and now I'm hovering right about 8.0 with lights on, and dipping to 7.8-7.9 overnight. I never really open any windows, so that didn't change. 

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1 hour ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

Wild fires release a ton of CO2 into the atmosphere, thereby decreasing PH. 

I kinda figured this was the case..  I don't chase 'perfect numbers' so I wasn't worried, especially after realizing all other water parameters were fine.

Just something interesting to notice.

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