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Interesting hitch hiking scallops


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So on a wild lobo I got a while back i found a small hitch hiker. I left it because it never seemed to cause any issues. About a year later I noticed another one on a rock. I had a temp swing in the nano i had going after i sold my 93 and i killed the small one that was on the rock. My lobo grew out and I wasnt able to see the original anymore so i figured I lost em. Ive been removing my sand bed to prepare for a move so things have been getting looked at a bit closer lately. I found the one on my lobo is still kickin along, growing slowly, and ive been pulling out finger nail sized shells with my sandbed, and small living ones. Last night i I managed to find a complete closed shell of a larger one. Interesting lil creatures.20200908_114833.thumb.jpg.952df8be2dbaf812582b5e988485d436.jpg20200908_114848.thumb.jpg.f8c6b996a30e4e16a804224e551e97ca.jpg

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