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Waterbox Reef 130.4 Build

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I'm assuming they were acting fine when you picked them up? What are you using to test for salinity/ammonia?
No chance they where they came from was running lower salinity?
Yes fine when i got them, they were swimming hard in the bag on the way home. Just the badge for the amm and my refract for salinity. Not sure I didn't test the shops water. Just did a couple of oz of tank water to the bag for 20 minutes.

I just checked on them and they seem fine now, i turned off my kitchen lights and left them be for now. Ill add some pvc parts for hiding places tomorrow.

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Woot, cycle is done. Amn: 0.0 Rite: .05 Rate: 50 PH 8.2. I'll do a water change in a day or so and still leave my skimmer of just to let things run its course. Got my qt tank setup at least, just a 10

Guess I should of started this after my intro but oh well.   I will add my equipment list in the next post.   Tank was order last Friday and shipped Monday and should be here on Monday so I can't comp

I've ordered from LiveAquaria a couple of times and have had pretty good success.

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I picked them up from Ryan on saturday. I'm going to move them up on the rock tomorrow. They looks so much better with the blues on but can't see anything with them on.


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Well after being up for a month now figured i would post my results and see how things looked. I've never tested calcium, mag and alkalinity until last night even in my old tank.

ReefTrace Statistics.png

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