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WTT Red Sea 260E w/Sump


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Looks like my front panel is pulling away from the bottom and I can’t risk it or trust a reseal if something were to happen.

Holds water and currently running

good project or reseal and flip

Tank 36x22x22.6



Redsea 425 ATO upgrade 

AIO return pumps

AI Tank Mounts 

12g Fuge 



*no lights

*no skimmer

*no main return pump 



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20 minutes ago, Woodstock said:

Looks like I’ll be buying a brand new tank...

sucks cause I just spent $1200+ on this 2 months ago from a PNWMAS member....

How old is the tank? Was it bought locally through one of our LFS by the previous owner? I would definitely exhaust options before buying another. Who knows Red Sea might help you out  

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1 hour ago, CuttleFishandCoral said:

I would contact red sea directly. I have no clue who u bought this tank from but u can find the serial number inside the overflow. 

Not sure if we have ever meet but I'm happy to help anyway possible. 


This is what I’m talking about!!

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@CuttleFishandCoral unfortunately the previous owner removed the serial number sticker/logo from the inside as there is nothing on the tank marking it as a redsea besides the logo on the stand so without that number Red Sea said they wouldn’t do anything because they couldn’t even look it up😭

It came with a Vectra M1 too which failed within the week and I had to have Ecotech send me a new one. Just a crappy deal all together. 

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