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For Sale - 2 foot, VHO aquarium Hood


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I have a 2' VHO (75 W bulbs) aquarium hood that I built for use over a 20 gallon reef tank.   This is an excellent light for these tanks for it puts out a very uniform, linear light source which lights the tank well with little light spill to the room.   I have an IceCap 660 ballast driving the bulbs.   The IceCap ballast is an excellent electronic ballast that can save significant electricity but operates the  bulbs at a much higher light output.   I also have the water tight "German" caps which keeps this a very reliable light.   I believe that the bulbs haven't have very much use.   With the IceCap ballast, URI bulbs last 2X as long as with other ballasts.

I did make the light but I used very good components.   The reflector has the PVD coating on it that reflects almost the entire spectra from the bulbs.  The URI bulbs I have for sale and the extra IceCap ballast would be an excellent combination for a SPS/LPS 20 gallon ish nano tank.   I have excellent results with my coral growth.

The value of this hood is primarily in the ballast.


I'd like to get $70 (OBO).




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