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Oranda Gold Fish Aquarium - Need Help!


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My wife loves gold fish.   I don't think she would allow me to have a small reef aquarium if she didn't have an gold fish aquarium.

I have a nice TruVue 20 gallon regular and 20 gallon long tank.   I think that a 20 gallon should be able to house two Oranda's.

I live in Portland and haven't ever set up a tank with the Portland water, etc.   Can you help me decide:

1. What sort of water purification do I need?   Can I use tap water that has been bubbled for a week or do I need to have an RO-DI system, etc.?

2. What sort of lighting is available for gold fish now.  I like the idea of a LED light because of the low heat, etc., but I am not sure if something like this exists and if it does, what should I buy?

3. What is the preferred filtration for gold fish?   We used to use a bio wheel in Corvallis, but I don't know if there is anything better now or not.   We also used an undergravel filter.   I don't know what is the preferred filtration now.

4. What is the expected maintenance for these guys?   would one do a 10% water change per week?   I used to vacuum out the coarse gravel on the bottom of the tank when changing water when replacing the 10% (say 2 gallons).

5.  Lastly, where should I go to get some nice Oranda's?

Thanks for your help.   The sooner I get this gold fish tank established and thriving, the sooner I can get started on my reef tank!



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