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Suction Cups to move a tank


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I've bought a tank from a club member.   Need to move it from their house to mine, and again then after I get a stand built.   

  • I'd love it if someone had ~6 to borrow, twice
  • Or if the club owns sets of these

If not...

  • I've heard they can be rented, checking now.  An older post listed $15-day/each
  • If I need them Twice, I'm considering just buying them

Feedback needed, Which of these types am I looking for?   


@ $68 / pair - 

IMT Heavy Duty Dual Vacuum Suction Cup Glass Lifter with Curved Pads, Strength Handheld Stone Handling Tool, 330lb Horizontal Suction Cup


@ $40 / each - 

ZUOS 8" Glass Suction Cup Heavy Duty Hand-held Glass Lifter, Industrial Vacuum Lifter with handle for Granite Lifting &Window Replacement, 175 lbs Load Capacity/Carring Case



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Thanks.  I'll go sync with Jeff.    

*IF* I was buying, any reason why I need more than 8" ones.    One suction cup == max one person.   I can't lift even near 150lbs, let alone 265lbs.  So I'm thinking 8".

  • ZUOS 8" Glass Suction Cup  - 150lb Safe Load Capacity @  $42
  • ZUOS 10" Glass Suction Cup  - 265lb Safe Load Capacity @  $58

PNWMAS Club ...  If I buy 6 of these, in a month+ (depends on how long it takes to get a stand), I'll be done with them - and willing to sell to the club at 75% of what I paid for them.   PM if interested in discussing.


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On 8/20/2020 at 3:23 PM, obrien.david.j said:

Plans Set.  Buying 2, Borrowing 4.    Picked 8".

Thanks for the advice everyone.

If you are borrowing 4 thats all you need.............


Lifted my 750 with 4 and Monkey Boys tank with 4 also..........

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