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Corals for sale


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Corals for sale, frags and colonies available, softies, Lps and a few Sps. Availability will be from Friday threw Sunday 1-6 pm. Will probably keep it to 1 person per hour ( you can bring 1 other person with you)  so that everyone can  social distance. Please pm me with a time you would like to reserve. I’m located in Oregon City. Here is a list of some of what is available. 

Softies- Green Toadstool ( small $15, med $25 large$40) Mushrooms ( many different kinds $10-$30) green sinularia trees $20,  Corky gorgonias $25 (10 plus inches with many branches) zoa frags $10-$20 frags available. Plus more

Lps- Hammers, frogspawn frags ( single heads to colonies $20-$50)  Neon green trumpet coral colonies $30-$50. Welso Brain, Trachy Brain, Green Cynarina, Favia brains, Elegance, Acanthophyllia, , Plus more

Sps- monti caps, purple stylo, rainbow poci, green birdsnest colonies $10, and more

Acros- Miyagi torts,  green stag, branching orange setosa and more

Rock flower nems $35 each

Cash only please










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