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21 hours ago, bler said:
I've grabbed a few frags from him lately, as well as he kicked me down a nice ball of chaeto.  He is a great guy, had good stuff and super friendly!

My pleasure, Matt!
Hope you are enjoying the corals. There's more, if you need any [emoji39]

Sent from Atlantis 🤙

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Dodge is the man! I need to get out there and grab some frags from him soon.
Thanks for the kind words, Taylor.
I'll be here!
Yeah, home boy owes me a grip of frags for building him a tank..... you out there Dodge?
"A grip of frags?" After paying you $6.00 for building me a tank! I should've just paid you $5.00, lol.

Now that you live in the Couve, we haven't seen each other. We've seen each other more, when you still lived in Portland. I'll be over soon to check out the behemoth water box you built...

Sent from Atlantis 🤙

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