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IM 60 set-up for sale $860


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Hi there. I'm selling my IM 60 gallon with custom stand and Nano Box Quad lights. Stand is on wheels to be able to clean behind it and has a special control panel to keep all wires neat and out of sight. ATO reservoir pulls out to fill.  Price includes tank, stand , lights. All used less than 6 months. 

I also have Tunze Comline skimmer for $ 75

 MP 10 for $ 160 - sold 




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MP 10 sold
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Hi Rozza 

Yes. All the filtration is in the back and it’s easy to clean back there as the stand is on very heavy duty wheels which are hidden. No corals but I’ll include some rocks. I’ve already dropped the price significantly. 

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The back has a small warp in one area which is not noticeable when wet and just needs a line of silicone to seal it. The small scratch is also not noticeable when wet. The setup is worth over $2000 so I think my price is fair and reflects the discount because of the imperfections.I am happy to take a video of it for anyone not wanting to drive to see for themselves. 
I’ll also note that none of these imperfections stopped this person from purchasing the tank. I refunded his money when tragedy struck and he had to suddenly move out of state. Hope all is well in Florida! 

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The dimensions of the tank are 16.25 inches high, 24 inches deep and 35.5 inches wide. The stand has the exact same width and depth and is 46 inches tall. It allows you to look into the tank at at a nice level instead of looking down. Depending on how tall you are of course. 

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