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Reefer 350 plug and play


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With everything that is going and new responsibilities I just don’t have the time for my tank. Not fair to the things that live inside it. I haven’t done a water change in two month and my RODI just sprung a leak so im motivated to get rid of everything. $1600 bucks takes it all new its well over $4000  

im in Canby.


Wyoming white clowns 2  

Flame hawk

Six line

Fox face

Scopas Tang

Cleaner shrimp


To many frags to name but a mix of SPS, LPS, and Zoas ranging from frag to full colony . Probably pound of rock.  There is some bubble algae and more than a little hair algae



Red sea reefer



Screen top  

Apex EL

3 AI prime HD

maxspect gyre

AI nero 5

tunze osmolator nano

reef octopus skimmer


eheim return pump 


im sure im missing a ton of stuff but it’s a functional setup but needs some attention.



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8 hours ago, CoralReefTankers said:

I am interested in the entire setup! Tried to PM u but it says u can't accept messages.

I will be near Canby tomorrow morning for work and would love to come see the tank.

Please let me know


PM sent, let me know if you dont get it. 

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