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75 Gallon Aquarium Setup (SOLD)


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Selling and downsizing my 75g FW setup.

Included fluval fx6 filter, hob filter, all media and parts there, leds lights, heater, wood, sand, rock and all the fish which include...

1x Tiger Oscar
1x Red tail Shark
1x Albino Pleco
7x Filament Barbs

I repainted the stand to have a nice black rustic look sorta of reclaimed aesthetic. Simply moving to just two tanks for now. Will do partial trades for sure if the trade is right. 


$300 for the whole setup or...


$80 for tank, stand, light, and, hob filter. It's an older thicker glass 75g. I would vinegar bath it to get rid of hard water deposits left behind.

$180 for the Fluval FX6 Canister Filter in perfect order and condition. 

$20 for heater and thermostat

$40 for livestock

$50 for the wood and rock and sand  


mp40 is sold already in the pictures... 



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