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Greetings PNWMAS, New User and New to Reef Tanks


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Hi all, my name is Matt, and I love aquariums!

I’ve always had freshwater tanks growing up and recently acquired a 75g tank for a saltwater setup. Quickly learned that a sump was the best way to go and built a 20g one to help control the big tank.

I then got a 24g tank to use as a refugium and would love to put some algae or plants in it.

If anyone has advise on what algae to start with for the refuge/sump or if there is a good local place to purchase from please let me know!

Thanks all for the wonderful forums and any advice!





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Hi there Matt!!

Welcome to the hobby :) 

Good and popular fuge algae is chaetomorpha 

http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2007-01/sl/ has some info on it.. people usually give/trade/sell some macro when they need to 'harvest' sometimes you can find it at a LFS.  I purchased a bunch of calurpa algae and sorted through it, pulled out a few strands of chaeto and  fauchea to isolate and 'planted' the rest.  I'll eventually cull out some of the calurpa after the chaeto and fauchea take hold

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