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Selling it All!


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Located in Salem.  I can get more pictures if needed, tanks are hard to get to at the moment.

PM me here or text me 971-6oo-8197

Reasonable Offers Accepted

$150 OBO - 150 gallon Marineland tank -   Has scratches, most are around where the sand bed was.  Never cleaned the tank up enough to get a good look.  Drilled with a big overflow and two returns.  48x24x30






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10 hours ago, Blue Z Reef said:

Does the 120 come with the wood stand?

The red-ish wood stand is gone.  Did not plan on using it and it was pretty rough.  The grey/black stand was promised to @Ron if he will release that,  then stand can go with the tank.

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Additions to the list:

$40 - 55w UV sterilizer with pump.

Free - 36" T5 bulbs. 5 of them.

$10ea - 48" T5 bulbs - All new - 4 actinic, 4 Blue +, 4 Coral +

$50 - LED grow lamp.  Was going to use on the Triton sump fuge.

Free - DI canisters.

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8 minutes ago, 2KS2K said:

Are the 36” T5s used? Brand? Thanks 

2 are ATI and the other 3 I am not sure as there are no markings on them.  I am pretty sure they are used, they were in a package deal that I bought.

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