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Looking to get into Apex Systems

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I am new to this forum. I have a Innovative Marine 20 gallon fusion Nano. Im looking to up my game. I have recently removed from live rock in one side of my tank to start farming zoa's to trade in to a local LFS for Store credit so i can buy a new bigger Red Sea 50 Gallon or a Innovative marine 50 gallon tank. Well all of this leads me to my next question. Im wondering if any one in the community has or is wanting to part with a Apex Controller System or Base unit. Im still reading about them but i know they can take your take to the next level by monitoring all aspects. I have been reefing for just about 2 years. Please help. 


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Heyo. You’ll very much enjoy having the apex. You can usually find decent deals on used units either here or on other sites. You can get an older model jr for pretty cheap but you’ll eventually want to upgrade. My advice would be to get the apex el and go from there. That will probably run you $400 used. 

You can get an older model for probably 200 but it won’t have WiFi and that’s a major plus of the new units. 

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Ok thank you so much for this information. Do you know what those others sites would happen to be? i have just been scouring this forum and links and googling things. I like to do alot of research before i purchase. Im just now reading about the Apex EL on Marine Depot. 

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