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Hi There!

While I joined the forum a couple years ago, never had time to visit it much.  I've only been in the saltwater hobby a couple of years and have probably made at least 75% of all the mistakes most make.   So looking on the bright side I only have 25% or so of the mistakes left to make and then it will be time to start over again making all of the mistakes a few more times again!    I am in the middle of creating a nice 25 gallon setup that is to end up a intermediary "growth / introductory" tank for new stock on the way to my 70 gallon.   I have a little 14 gallon that will be my quarantine tank for anything not SPS.  Within a month or two I will be tearing down the 70 to relocate to a different room.   With an older 30 gallon that is up and running, the new 25, and the 14, I think I can house livestock while I do tweaking and reset up of the 70.   Hopefully, what I've learned the last two years will result in many positive changes and a nice restart for the 70.  It will be a great opportunity to let the creative side out with some aqua-scaping!  Also, a great deal of clean-up and reorganization of all things for the hobby.   

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know folks here.



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