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Water storage container


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I’m looking for water storage container 26” diameter or less at least 60g. I’m having trouble searching on mobile format for what you guys have done for your water mixing stations. Suggestions on where to get new or used is what I’m looking for. Thanks! Oh did I mention I’ve got a 150g tank coming next week?



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6 hours ago, Bicyclebill said:

Thanks John!  And Bevo5 too. I'm looking for just a barrel I can mount a float valve in with a submersible pump inside to keep it simple


He should have these still.............I just wanted a simple barrel and put my own plumbing on it......... I get about 60 gallons out of it and it wasnt that expensive......it was my go to as it was the only thing I could find to fit the space I had for it......the norwesco tanks are great but could not find one that fit at the time.......




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