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Weekend getaway


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My wife & I spent a great weekend away on the Oregon coast at Manzanita.  Between my Apex and my webcams aimed at my aquarium, I was able to relax knowing that my reef was safe and healthy.  I'm not sure I would be comfortable leaving town without these safeguards!








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looks like you had great weather.  agree the apex makes me worry less about the tank when we leave.  i don't have the cameras but i like the alerts if something goes awry.  we went to Joseph/Wallowa lake for a quick weekend trip.  lots of driving for a day and a half of being there but the weather was great and we rode the rails.  recommend this if you haven't done it.    




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3 minutes ago, Blue Z Reef said:

Man...I need to get a webcam going on my tank. 

which ones are you using @SuncrestReef? Can you get them to show up on the apex home page?

I'm using an older Foscam.  Mine is not Apex Fusion compatible, so I just view it through the Foscam app.  There are very few Fusion compatible cameras out there, and even the ones that are compatible are difficult to set up in Fusion.


Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 12.31.07 PM.png

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