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Complete setup for sale $500


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I have broken down my tank and accessories. I have been in the hobby for about 8 years and am selling alot of items I have collected over that time, with most of the items being a little newer (around 2-3 years old). I have included pics of everything and will try and list most of the main things for sale but there are lots of little odds and ends included not listed as well. Asking $500 for everything and would like to sell in one big lot:

Kessil AP700 and Kessil Mounting Arms (purchased new 03/2018, did not go above 10% intensity on this shallow tank, works like new as far as I can tell).

34 Gallon Reef Ready Shallow Aquarium

Standard black stand that fits this tank perfectly.

20 gallon modded sump

2 X  MP10 vortech pumps (not the quiet drives) and 2 X shallow shields from pico aquarium. The drives both work well and are not too noisy so far.

A bubble magus skimmer which I purchased second hand but never used, I imagine it works fine

Jebao return pump

Various water heaters and cleaning supplies

BRS 4 stage R/O unit, filters are about 6 months old


I gave all of the items in use a quick cleaning but they are not spotless. You will have to do some extra cleaning if you want everything in like new condition. But everything works like new as far as I can tell. I broke down the tank 2 days ago and everything was working perfectly then. There are probably some extra items I am forgetting but nothing major. I am looking to sell it all at once. If my asking price is too high please let me know I have not been too heavily involved in the hobby for the past 12 months and not sure of what things are worth second hand these days. If I have price too low then come pick it up today lol!

Message me if you are interested and I will do my best to reply promptly. I can help load these items in your vehicle.

Thanks for looking, Ash.










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The tank is:

34 Gallon Rimless Reef Ready Frag Aquarium With Plumbing Kit

  • Diamond Polished Edges
  • Distortion Free Glass
  • Made Of Glass
  • Rimless Top
  • Black Frame Bottom
  • Corner or Center Overflow
  • Patented Flow Rate System
  • Reef Ready Plumbing Kit 
  • 1" Drain and 3/4" Return
  • Dimensions/Size: 36" x 18" x 12"
  • Weight: 56.2 lbs
  • Model AM13634
  • Brand: Aquarium Masters
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