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Red Sea Coral Pro Salt


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Recently bought a couple of buckets of coral pro salt.  Last weekend I cleaned my Brute mixing can and filled it with RODI.  Then, I added enough salt to get to 35ppt at 70 degrees.  I ran a stir pump for several hours and daily since.  Today I performed my first water change with the new salt water.  The water is cloudy and muddy looking.  You can see the residue on the sides and in the water.  Anyone else run into this? 



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20 minutes ago, shaywood said:

Wow,  how interesting.  Always thought it was a good idea to mix the water occassionally. This suggests, "mix it and forget it" :) 

Agreed.  It took me a while to get used to that concept but I was happy with the salt and Red Sea in general as a company. I know they have had some issues particularly with their stands and heavier tanks but they make it right. If they came out with a shallow tank I would probably get another one. I would heat it because I was doing a 4 gallon water change in a 20 gallon tank and didn’t want to cause that much of a temperature fluctuation and it would precipitate but like he said it didn’t seem to make that much of a difference   In parameters.

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I just bought a bucket to try since at the time I couldn't get tropic marin pro. I hate this salt. Leaves my bin filthy, takes forever to mix if it does at all, and my magnesium is off the charts. Just used the last of it and glad I'm back to tropic marin. Good luck

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