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Melevsreef Auto Feeder Chimney For Sale/Trade, Accidentally Bought Two...


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So I accidentally ordered two of these and only need one, I didn't realize I had already added one to my shopping cart previously.. Anyway it's hand made by Marc Levenson of Melevsreef which is pretty cool! They works great for either an AFS Auto feeder for Apex or an Eheim Auto feeder, also heard it work for other brands as well but can't be positive, the only ones I know for certain is Eheim Auto feeder or AFS for Apex. If you use autofeeders but hate watching the majority of the food go down the overflow this thing works awesome! It looks pretty cool too. It keeps all the food from going directly down the overflow, it comes with extra Velcro brand Velcro strips to hold the Auto feeder chimney in place and you can put Velcro on the auto feeder to keep it on place as well. Most people place it on their overflow, I'm using it for an acrylic tank so it's great I can put it anywhere. Will trade for corals or maybe a BTA? I've already covered shipping costs! Let me know what you have! Not looking for SPS right now8ceb38aa64d14c9b6eb5cae4b1687938.jpgcb81b8097c7a16ae09e54bfa1479a4f3.jpg6c7146138f54bdb0d1f05d5365d39865.jpg182e77bbd6bd68261b0c0be333b9338b.jpg


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