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My new 75g Amazon Basin Tank


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Just wanted to post this real quick! 

Made some trades with some locals on this forum and through offer up to build this tank in my home office. 

Older 75g (center brace is heavy duty glass) 

No name Led strips

200 Watt Heater


Fluval FX6 

Tetra Large HOB filter 

Live Stock: 1 Male Tiger Oscar, 1 Female Red Oscar, and 1 4" Giant Upside Down Catfish (Synodontis batensoda) 


Did an Amazon Basin hardscape look using basalt rocks, hardwood, Indian tea leaves and some river rock. Using the MP40 for a wide flow simulation and also to help with nutrient export. 


I feed high quality pellets, algae wafers and also treat will giant meal worms. 


Thanks for everyone who helped contribute to this tank whether it was a trade or taking in some of my fish I had but didn't need :)






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