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Shout out to Micah


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15 hours ago, CrazyInside said:

Just wanted to thank @Micah  

Had a Nero 5 pump take out one of my onyx clowns in a new softie tank I setup and he 3D printed me some guards. Work great!



I was looking online for 3D programs he could use to make me some for the QD40s but I never found any that looked OK


Nice job Micah!!

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I would love one for the wavemaker in my 50 but it's not a super common pump unfortunately, it's a Uniclife 2100. I really like it and I've been using some mesh cut from an old black mesh media bag to cover the pump so none of my critters get chopped up, it works but I have to clean it every couple days so it would be great to have a nem guard for it. I'd pay someone to make me one but I don't know squat about 3D printing so I don't know how difficult it would be to make one lol

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If anybody can message me with the dimensions of such pumps, I can give it a shot.  It'll cost more in the long run if I can't hold the pump in my hand though.  Being able to measure with calipers and test fit on the actual pump/part allows for pretty rapid prototyping..  So, if you can get me the thing you're actually trying to fit, I can make pretty much anything.


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