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Natural seaweed from the beach?


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Anybody ever try to feed their fish seaweed they picked up at the beach in the pacific northwest? Did you clean it or dry it somehow? 

I love the idea of using local nature to keep my tank going and this is my most recent thought. When I had a puffer it would eat shore crabs from the beach and I've only ever used beach sand for my tanks. 

So collecting your own seaweed, yay or nay? 


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I'd be concerned about parasites.  I guess if you completely dry it out that may be less of a risk.  My other concern would be that the seaweed species is completely different than what most typical tropical fish are expecting due to the cold waters of the Oregon/Washington coast.

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I know it's different than what they are used too but I just wanted to give it a shot.

I'd think cleaning it via freezing or drying (which I haven't done yet) would be a good idea but I'm not worried about parasites a bit, everything in our tanks is from the ocean! 

Really my only concern is oil contamination (and that's a small concern, my tank seems to be able to survive anything) so I washed it really well. 

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